50 Days 8 Hours



50 Day’s  and 8 Hours until the Battenkill GranFondo which is one of the hardest road races in the US called “America’s Queen of the Classics”.  It will most likely be bitterly cold, the dirt sections will be soupy if I am lucky, and the hills can be run faster than biked.

The last three days I have  been exhausted and getting in a workout has been the last thing I have wanted to do, in fact the amazing triple chocolate cake our neighbors brought us was much more appealing.  I seriously lacked motivation to get on the trainer and ride and can you blame me, there is a 12 day old little boy who I would much rather spend my time with and a two year old who suddenly can’t sleep through the night.

Motivation is a fickle thing it seemingly changes with the wind; motivation needs a partner something to support it, someone to encourage it, a coach to nurture it along,  a partner, a team.  Sometimes the first step is simply signing up and committing.  I will not be in great shape for this race, and I will most likely need a long time to recover after this race but I love the challenge of getting to that finish line.

Here is a video of my favorite professional road race Paris Roubaix.



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