Do you Warm- Up ?


The only  thing athletes like to do less than warming up is stretching, not that we don’t all understand the importance of both but we all want to get to the good part: the workout.  For awhile as a coach I refused to use the words warm-up, cool down, and stretching I wanted my athletes to know they were part of the total workout so I would call them “pre-workout and post-workout”.   I have six distinct warm-ups my athletes have used for specific days and types of workouts from a race day warm-up, to a short volume but high intensity workout called the MVP, to our easy day warm-up.

My athletes understand the value of a warm-up and as much as they don’t want to do them they always know when they do them and d0 them well they have a much better workout.  That in my mind is they ket to the warm-up it allows you the athlete to get the desired affect from the workout by preparing you for that work.  So I am going to share our most used warm-up and honestly its a simple easy 5 -10 minutes that anyone can do. If you start using this warm-up before your runs you might be sore for a few days but stick with it for a week and you will feel so much better on your runs.

The Lunge Matrix and Skip Warm-Up

5 Lunges

Forward Lunge 5-10x Each Side

Front Lunge with a Twist  5-10 x Each Side

Side Lunge 5 -10 x Each Side

Back and to the Side  5-10 x Each Side

Cake Lunge 5-10 x Each Side

(Here is a video from Coach Jay Johnson with this warm-up) Lunge Warm- Up Video 

Skips 4-5 Minutes of Skipping  forwards and backwards for about 40- 60 meters each direction. Add in Arm Swings, Arm Circles, any other upper body movement to engage the upper body as well.

Here is a video with a series of Skips

Why Lunges and Skips ? Simply they very effectively engage the major muscle groups you need to run well and in easily repeatable way .  I love how this workout engages the glute’s and that core hip region , it’s a really good simple warm-up so try it out and let me know what you think.

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