It makes us uncomfortable and for some of us it can bring a tremendous amount of angst and anxiety.  Our lives are filled with routine and habit, in fact habits are one of the strongest physiological bonds we live with every day.  That is one reason it is so hard to change a habit and move in another direction to even start simple new habits can be laborious. That is one of the reasons it is so hard to change a habit.  Change however is constant and once we adapt to that change; growth happens unfortunately for me I am creature of habit and change is a challenge. 

As a coach the only real tool in training is change. It comes in many different forms but when you look at everything we can do its all about change.  If I were to hand out the same workout every day for a year we would see an initial change in performance.   An upswing of some sort but after some time the performance would plateau and maybe even slip backwards.  A new stimuli would be needed to improve performance: perhaps more mileage,  strength work or a change in training paces. There are myriad of pieces a coach can change to get the desired result.  There are innumerable factors a coach can change to get the desired result. When we change our training there is an initial period of pain and discomfort our bodies are not used to what we are doing. With enough time though we adapt and find the new stimulus isn’t that painful after all and we are ready for the next change.  It’s possible to end up at the same finish line with the same result but to have changed different things along the way like two cooks in the kitchen each will have their own take on the same recipe.

Sometimes change happens when we are not expecting it and it throws us completely off balance.  The last month has proved to be just such a time a period of rapid and even soul searching change as I will be leaving my position as the Head Coach of Cross Country and Track & Field at Houghton College.   A place that I have loved since my days as an undergraduate and returned to first as an assistant coach and then as the head coach. A place I had dreamed my biggest dreams, set the highest goals, and accomplished some of the greatest highlights of my coaching career.  Despite my long term goals and plans for coaching at Houghton, fate dealt me the hand of change and though I have been in state of shock, questioning the why behind all of this.  I know that all change can lead to growth we must only choose to endure and persevere knowing that in time the change we are going through will just like a new training stimulus fade and we adapt ready for the next challenge. 

So what does the future hold ? I don’t know yet but what I do know is that I will continue coaching and teaching; helping people grow and attain their highest potential.  I have loved coaching and more importantly the relationships I have been lucky to be a part of and I plan to continue finding ways to coach ,  be a part the running and triathlon community.


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